Woman, STOP!



My beloved sister, I know what you feel right now- so this is for you, only for you: 

You are grieving because you think he didn't treat you like a queen. 

You tell your friends about his harsh behaviour & they insult him as an unworthy asshole. 




Don’t let them throw mud on him because you, beloved sister, 

you still feel his wealth and the truth of his soul. You still see the sparkle of his deep yellow eyes 

and his wounds of a warrior. 


You are not sad because he left you, you are sad because you know about your unforgivable betrayal, 

your rude actions and your cruel words. You started blaming him for things YOU were responsible for. 

You are a wolf and attracted a wolf- and now your are crying? 

Which wolf does deny his nature, woman? 


You are not a victim but a very powerful wild creature 

who needs to understand about her power and her magic. 

You have to understand that you hold life & death in your hand-

 it is you who can raise a man up to a king 

and kill him as a servant- 

like you did it with him. 


Whom now to blame?




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