The Woman who has Herself

The Woman who has herself.

When a woman has herself
you can enter or leave her life
you can flatter or judge her
and she, she will receive or say goodbye to you kindly
and she will thank you and understand your shadows
because she already knows hers.
You probably won't tolerate it and at the same time
you want to own it and you will end up walking away
from her if you don't have the courage to respect her.
When a woman has herself
the Universe Dances at her feet, and She rises.
She becomes compassionate.
She chooses.
She is aware.
She gives and receives Love.
It is easy to recognize it.
The Woman Who Has Herself
she smiles in the sun as in the storm.
She celebrates life and understands death.
She lives and dances the processes.
She doesn't have a hue, she's a rainbow.
Author: Maria Harchanan Kaur
Artist: Sophie Wilkins Sophie Wilkins Arts

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